4 Effective Ways to Improve the C-section Overhang

4 Effective Ways to Improve the C-section Overhang

If you have had or plan to have a C-section, you will know that special care must be taken to recover post-surgery. A C-section involves an incision made just below the bikini line and usually requires a longer stay in hospital. Once back at home, new C-section mums have to take it easy to allow the wound to heal. This can mean avoiding any vigorous exercise for 6-8 weeks after delivery. Some mums can find there is a certain “overhang” of loose skin and excess fat which hangs over the C-section scar. Never fear, there is a solution at hand which will tackle this issue while protecting your scar.

Belly Wraps

If you have been looking for a C-section overhang belt, a belly wrap might be the answer. Belly Bandit designs belly wraps for women during and after pregnancy, and we have a range specifically for C-section mums. If you do not wear a belly wrap, you could find that underwear and your clothes chafe against the scar. Sounds painful, doesn’t it? And what’s worse, it could even cause more scarring or an infection. After going through a C-section, the last thing you want to do is delay your recovery further! Putting a dressing or barrier creams over the scar can also cause problems, as well as being time consuming and messy.

The C-section recovery band created by Belly Bandit was designed especially for women like you to protect your incision and ace your way to recovery. Made from super-soft fabric to care for your skin, the recovery band will also give you confidence that your incision is supported and protected from rubbing or chafing. You can use a moisturising or healing cream in conjunction with a recovery band, and the best part is you won’t get it all over your clothes.

What Does the Recovery Band Do?

Post C-section mums wear the recovery band wrapped around their tummy and waist. It can be worn low down to cover the scar and protect it from catching on zips or seams. The super-soft material is comfortable to wear, and the compression support will shape your waist, hips, and belly. Wearing a recovery band also can help with posture as it improves your sitting and standing alignment. Just like a joint support bandage can give the wearer the confidence to use the joint fully, a recovery band offers the same support to mums, meaning they can get back to full activity sooner (but please consult your doctor before undertaking exercise).

C-section recovery bands, not only protect the scar, but support your stomach muscles as they knit back together. The hormone Relaxin remains in your body for about 12 weeks after giving birth. The compression together with the hormone is what effectively helps your body recover and your stomach muscles knit back together. The bands also support your back, hips and pelvis especially since your stomach muscles and core strength have been compromised due to the C-Section.

What Items are Available in the Belly Bandit Range?

Belly Bandit has a full range of clothing and bands for women pre-and post-birth. From maternity leggings through pregnancy support band to nursing bras, we have got you covered! For our C-section sisters, we have a special range of C-section bands and undies, including the game-changing Belly Shield – a machine washable piece that you wear under your belly wrap. For C-section women, this provides an extra layer of protection and support for your incision, and also means you can use creams to help with the healing process rather than having to wash your main belly wrap often. We also have a range of supportive and shaping leggings to sculpt your waist, belly, and hips post C-section.

You don’t need to suffer in silence with belly overhang post-C, join thousands of happy new mums who are rocking the belly wraps at Belly Bandit. Check out our full range and learn more about our story at Belly Bandit!

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