Are Belly Bands Safe After C-Section?

Are Belly Bands Safe After C-Section?

While the Belly Bands from Belly Bandit are a huge help to women who require core muscle support, shaping and tightening after pregnancy, what impact do they have on women who have had a C-section? Might they cause any problems? Should they be worn at all?

Belly Bands Can Help Protect Your C-Section Incision & Prevent Discomfort

A huge number of women deliver a child via C-section every year - and those same women deserve to be as free and active as they want, as soon after the procedure as is sensible.

When you’re experiencing the first few weeks of your baby’s life, the last thing you want to worry about is protecting your C-section incision and preventing discomfort. In this article, we ask whether Belly Bands are safe to wear after a C-section.

Typical Problems Of Standard Under Garments Can Cause

Certain kinds of clothing and undergarments can rub, irritate or chafe your C-section incision, causing constant discomfort and even delaying the healing process or causing infection.

In extreme cases, this may lead to you requiring further medical treatment - and, even if it doesn’t, you may find that your incision scar will be more obvious and may not fade well, causing further discomfort and making you feel self conscious.

In addition, any creams or ointments you need to apply can transfer onto clothing, reducing their effect and messing up your outfits or causing further discomfort. For these reasons, you need to be very selective of what you wear following a C-section procedure.

The Belly Bandit Solution

Some shapewear and support bands can cause rubbing and other problems and should be avoided. However, the specially designed C-Section Recovery Bands by Belly Bandit were created with this exact issue in mind.

These garments serve as a protective layer between your incision and your other clothing to prevent chafing and irritation. The moisture wicking , breathable fabric will also safely cover any cream or ointment, helping you to avoid annoying transfer. Also, the silver-infused yarns in the front panel help minimise odour and bacteria.

The effect of Belly Bandit’s compression belt after a c-section can be further enhanced by wearing a Belly ShieldTM, which works as an extra layer of protection for your incision, keeps skin hydrated and further prevents the transfer of topical creams.

By making this range your go-to source, you can enjoy all of the support and comfort provided by a postpartum Belly Band with none of the irritation or discomfort, so you can be an active part of your little one’s first experiences - and easily get on with the things you enjoy too!

Belly Bands Can Safely Assist Your C-Section Recovery

With a variety of pregnancy belly bands and postpartum belly wraps, bands, shapewear, pelvic support products, nursing tank tops and pillows, Belly Bandit offers items to improve your comfort and confidence through every stage of pregnancy and beyond.

Discomfort, pain and stress should not be allowed to undermine the joy and excitement of pregnancy, birth and early motherhood. Don’t struggle on through aches, pains, irritation and self-consciousness - take steps to resolve these issues so that you can focus on what’s ahead!

Belly Bandit’s C-Section Recovery Range includes bands, briefs, shapewear leggings and wraps, waist trainers all of which are purpose-designed to protect incisions, support muscles and smooth out your silhouette.

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