Everything You Need to Know About the Post Partum Belly

Everything You Need to Know About the Post Partum Belly

If you have not yet given birth, you may assume that once the baby makes an appearance, your tummy will magically be restored to its pre-pregnancy state. Sisters, we’re afraid we have some bad news! Although we regularly see celebrities and other women in the public eye exiting the hospital with a totally flat midsection, this is quite possibly an illusion. Most women gain between 10-12.5kg while expecting a baby and the average baby weighs 3.5 kilos when born. So, let’s just say there’s probably going to be a bit of excess weight after birth.

Change in Body Shape

As you progressed through your pregnancy, your muscles, ligaments, and skin were stretched incrementally. After birth, the reverse process starts to happen, although it must be said for some women the changes in body shape will be permanent. You might find you have a saggy or squishy mid-section, even to the point where you still look several months pregnant. There may be stretchmarks or a bulge (diastasis recti) where the abdominal muscles have separated. However, the good news is that there is a lot you can do to help your body heal and get back to the serious business of being a yummy mummy.

Why a Belly Wrap Could be the Answer

So how do those celebs do it? Chances are that they are wearing a belly wrap that is controlling their mid-section. A bit like body contouring underwear, a belly wrap will reshape your waist, belly and hips while supporting your joints and back. Belly wraps are recommended by healthcare professionals and legions of post-partum women because they help them in the process of healing and getting back in shape.

Belly Bandit helps expectant mums stay stunning through their pregnancy with supportive and sculpting maternity activewear. New mums get the first-class treatment after birth too with adjustable belly wraps to keep the belly under control and reshape the midriff. Women who have had a C-section are not forgotten either, with a range of specially designed products to make bouncing back that much easier.

What is Belly Bandit?

Belly Bandit was set up by a new mum (Lori), who flanked by her sisters (Jodi and Kari) sought to create products to help women just like you regain their confidence post birth. Lori understood that there were no products on the market at that time to address the issues of post-partum belly. She knew how a thoughtless remark about body shape could knock the confidence of a new mum, and so the trio of sisters armed with massive amounts of empathy set up the company to change the body narrative around pre- and post- birth bodies.

Check out the Body Bandit site to read more about the story of how this company came into being and get ready to be blown away by the products designed especially for women like you. Self-care for new mums should be high on the list of priorities so join the thousands of happy new mums who swear by Belly Bandit.

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