Everything You Need to Know About Working Out While Pregnant

Everything You Need to Know About Working Out While Pregnant

As a pregnant mum, you undoubtedly want to do what is healthiest for yourself and your baby. When it comes to working out whilst pregnant, the recommendation is to continue with physical activity. But being such a blurred topic, many questions remain including:

  • ‘How often should I exercise?’
  • ‘How long should I exercise for?’
  • ‘What level of intensity is recommended?’

At Belly Bandit, we are passionate about our customers and providing women with comfort and support throughout their pregnancies. Here we will fine-tune the broad subject that is working out while pregnant.

Recommendations to Get Moving Whilst Pregnant

Unless you are a high-risk pregnancy, it is recommended to participate in physical activity almost every day. Whether this is via a 30 minute stroll, some low impact weights, a light swim, a session of yoga or something else - the key is to get moving.

How often Should I Exercise During Prenancy?

Participating in exercise at least four times a week is helping countless women across Australia to ease aches, pains and other difficulties that can arise when pregnant. By improving blood circulation, these low levels of physical activity have been proven to make a real difference.

When it comes to working out, your body will react differently during pregnancy. It is crucial to listen to what your body is telling you; take time to rest when needed and ensure you stay hydrated throughout. Also ensure you avoid activities that involve impact on the abdomen and bump. Surfing and other impact sports should be avoided, as should exercises that involve twisting and laying on your stomach for extended periods.

It must be noted that no matter how much you worked out pre-pregnancy, care must still be taken when exercising. Seeking the advice of a doctor is always recommended to understand your body and the effects that physical activity may have on your pregnancy.

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