The 5 Most Effective Tips to Tighten Belly Skin after Pregnancy

The 5 Most Effective Tips to Tighten Belly Skin after Pregnancy

One of the most common questions women have after giving birth to their beautiful baba is how to tighten their belly. Childbirth, although natural, is hard on a woman’s body and can cause changes to the skin, muscle tone and proportions of the body which some women may find distressing. Of course, with the right preparation through pregnancy (individual circumstances permitting) precautions can be taken. A healthy diet, pregnancy appropriate exercise and a good moisturising routine can prepare the body for the miracle (and aftermath!) of giving birth. But what can a new mum do to fast track her body back to fitness?

1. Belly Band

One of the most genius inventions of the past few decades is the belly band. Tapping into a long tradition of belly wrapping, the belly band can help support joints and muscles, shape the waist, stomach, and hips. Recommended by healthcare professionals, doulas, and a small army of new mums, the belly band can help you get your your silhouette back and help you to feel “put together” when you venture outside.

2. Core Strengthening

Although exercising might be the last thing you feel like after bringing a new little life into the world, it can help your body bounce back faster. Regular cardio, such as walking, or jogging (pram jogging anyone?) will help your general cardiovascular health and help shed excess kilos. It will also tone the muscles giving you a more athletic look. Core strengthening is also a useful practice, with many new mums swearing by yoga and pilates. Of course, you should inform your instructor you have recently given birth so they can devise a suitable programme.

3. Natural Oils

Almond oil has long been prized for its ability to nurture the skin. With anti-inflammatory properties, almond oil can help to rehydrate the skin and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Jojoba and coconut oil can be mixed with a few drops of an essential oil to create a luxurious massage oil to thoroughly moisturise the skin and give it back some elasticity.

4. Skin Firming Products

Firm skin has been a quest for women for decades, and the beauty industry invests millions of dollars every year into research and development to find the magic formula to restore the skin to its lovely peach-like firmness. The same products which can be used to improve the appearance of ageing skin can also be used to firm the belly after pregnancy. Choose products designed to improve the elasticity of your skin with ingredients such as Vitamin C, retinoids, and collagen. Remember too to hydrate well – skin can appear more flaccid when you are dehydrated, so make sure you are getting your daily quota of H20.

5. Elective Surgery

Some women decide to go under the knife after giving birth to try to restore their belly to its pre-pregnancy glory. Of course, every woman should do what she feels comfortable with and there are no judgements here, but elective surgery does still carry risks. It may be a good idea to try all of the natural tips mentioned before paying out for a surgical procedure. The cost also should not be underestimated with a tummy tuck often costing more than AUD 6,000. Whichever route (or combination of routes) you go down, self-care for new mothers should be a priority. Check out Belly Bandit’s range of belly wraps to see how we can offer you the support you deserve!

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