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Post C Section Wrap – the Safe Way to Support Your Body

post-C-section wrap is perfect to safely assist and support you through your C-section recovery. Designed by women, with pregnant and post-pregnant women in mind, Belly Bandit has been able to create belly wraps that can help to protect your C-section incision. 

Without a belly wrap, your clothing and undergarments can start to cause problems, as they irritate and rub your C-section incision. These problems may seem like a minor inconvenience to some, but they can cause you a lot of discomfort, hindering your recovery and even causing an infection. Women also have to contend with applying creams and ointments that can get onto their clothes and cause even more discomfort.

With the C section recovery bands designed by Belly Bandit, these issues can be solved. They are made from a soft material that is gentle on your skin and incision, and that can provide you with the comfort you need to feel comfortable and supported while you complete your daily tasks. It will also cover any cream or ointment that you need to use, preventing transfer to your clothing. Read More

About Belly Bandit C Section Recovery Bands

After Lori had her first child and struggled to return to her pre-baby body, sisters Jodi and Kari started to wonder who was there to nurture and look after the mother, while she was nurturing her baby. This led to the three sisters starting Belly Bandit in 2008. Belly Bandit has become the place where expectant and new mothers can find essential designed to help them look and feel their best during and after pregnancy. Our line of belly bands can provide support, and speed up recovery so that you can heal faster and get back to doing what you like, with your new baby.

We have even grown to have an “Anytime Wear” line that can be worn comfortably whenever you want. Browse our selection online to find something that you will love.

Caring for Your Post C-Section Wrap

Your post C section belly band is easy to care for and wash, so you don’t need to take them elsewhere to get them cleaned. They can be hand washed in cold water, and simply lay flat to dry. To keep it in top condition make sure that you don’t bleach, iron or dry clean your wrap. All our other Belly Bandit products are just as easy to look after. Just make sure that you look at the care instructions that come with the product when you buy it!

C Section Recovery Belly Bands Delivered Fast Australia Wide

Belly Bandit has everything your need to assist your pregnancy and aid your postpartum recovery such as:

Orders in Australia are shipped using Australia Post and delivery times will vary depending on where they are being shipped to. 

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about c section recovery bands or any of our products don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. You can do this by filling out the handy contact form on our website.

If you want long-term results, we offer a collection of belly wraps. It’s a modern interpretation of an ancient tradition of postpartum belly binding. Our patented belly bands apply targeted compression that strengthens your core muscles and slims down your belly, waist and hips. Not only that, but they also promote mobility, improve posture and ease back pain. We can help you get back to your pre-pregnancy body faster and easier.

If you’re ready to start feeling beautiful and stop feeling insecure, order the c-section tummy band from Belly Bandit. Read Less

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