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Maternity Activewear & Workout Clothes Australia

Have you just discovered the exciting news? Brandishing a beautiful bump? Basking in the postpartum afterglow? No matter what step of this wonderous process you're at, Belly Bandit is here to offer you cute maternity workout clothes. We are a company which champions the symbiotic relationship of feminineness, childbirth and nurturing. We take these concepts and strive to support you throughout your pregnancy. Then, for the aftermath, we have come up with several maternity workout clothes in Australia to help you smooth over lumps and bumps, to feel shapely and confident. Read More

The Best Maternity Activewear from Australia with Belly Bandit

Our maternity activewear sale incorporates the finest features and desired details you expect from workout gear. Forget some of the rather drab maternity wear hidden in shop corners. Belly Bandit provides the best maternity activewear in Australia. Working out requires endurance and strength, as does being pregnant! So, we want to empower you to feel truly great through it all. Our mission is to give you the tools that allow you to follow fitness and obtain curves in all the right places.

Belly Bandit's activewear ranges include:

Luxurious ActiveSupport capri length leggings

Essential ActiveSupport sport tanks

MotherTucker compression leggings

MotherTucker sumptuous scoop necks

Marvellous Maternity Sports Leggings here in Australia

From the fitness ball to the yoga mat, even whilst doing the grocery run, we have the best maternity sports leggings for you. This is one of the most precious times of your life and we want you to be able to look after yourself as well as your beautiful baby. Your body will go through a major event and at Belly Bandit our goal is to help keep you healthy and well at all points. Therefore, our incredible range of leggings has a wealth of fabulous finishes and soft touches so that you can feel like the gorgeous goddess you are.

The fitted belly panel is supportive, holding you in as you work out and can be rolled down for a light lift.

The fabric is machine washable, quick dry, SPF 50 with a four way stretch.

Conveniently capri length for added practicality.

Ultra-support, firm compression in an array of sizes to fit any shape.

Breathable, comfortable and easy to move in.

Versatile and suitable for the duration of your pregnancy and continues to aid you post childbirth.

Therefore, you can rest assured that our maternity sports leggings have it all covered for you. From the material, sizing, functionality, durability, cosiness and style we've come up with the perfect formula.

Maternity Sports Leggings Australian mums Rave About

Our maternity sports leggings were designed with mums in mind. We are a business whose foundations are built on femininity, family and wellbeing. These very cornerstones drive us to work hard to give new mothers all the love and care they so deserve. Belly Bandit aims to create clothing that will become a steadfast staple during your pregnancy. The idea that we can help to nurture you as you nurture your child.

Cute Maternity Workout Clothes Australian mums Fall in Love With

Each and every product is made to tuck, hold and flatter you. The compression and support elements are gauged meaning that you can choose what's best for you in terms of comfort and practicality. Our material is second to none, breathable, moisture retaining, washable, quick dry and SPF 50 giving you optimum, inside out protection. The technologies we've developed enable you to eliminate the muffin top, fit your figure and enhance it. A seamless look, which screams this new mamma is ready for the ride of motherhood.

The Best Maternity Activewear from Australia on Sale

We believe you should take pregnancy in your stride and we are right here to provide you with supportive maternity workout clothes in Australia. At Belly Bandit we understand how you're busy organising everything for the big arrival, then, starting that next chapter of your life. So, we created our business to be there for you. To look after you. To provide you with some of the best maternity activewear in Australia, so that you can look and feel energised.

We also, understand that having a baby isn't always sunshine and rainbows. It can cause aches, strains and pains changing the shape of your body as well. Therefore, another one of our motivations is to offer you comfort and security as you work towards your work out goals.

Belly Bandit was created by like-minded sisters who truly comprehend the value of empathy, encouragement, love and support. As women who go through this unique experience, we need togetherness and to build each other up. That's why we exist and do what we do.

Bellybandit offers a range of products for expecting and new mums including:

Best postpartum leggings Australia · Maternity leggings Australia · Postnatal tights Australia

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