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Early motherhood, synonymous with nurturing, joy, excitement. Yet, activeness? Comfort? Perhaps not for us all. But it doesn't have to be like that anymore! With our maternity sports leggings you will be fully supported and protected before, during and after your pregnancy. You'll be able to go to all those classes you've scheduled looking stylish and feeling great. At Belly Bandit, we care about all women at every stage of the pregnancy and want to help make it a pleasurable experience all round with our maternity sports leggings Australian mums recommend. Read More

Marvellous Maternity Sports Leggings here in Australia

From the fitness ball to the yoga mat, even whilst doing the grocery run, we have the best maternity sports leggings for you. This is one of the most precious times of your life and we want you to be able to look after yourself as well as your beautiful baby. Your body will go through a major event and at Belly Bandit our goal is to help keep you healthy and well at all points. Therefore, our incredible range of leggings has a wealth of fabulous finishes and soft touches so that you can feel like the gorgeous goddess you are.

The fitted belly panel is supportive, holding you in as you work out and can be rolled down for a light lift.

The fabric is machine washable, quick dry, SPF 50 with a four way stretch.

Conveniently capri length for added practicality.

Ultra-support, firm compression in an array of sizes to fit any shape.

Breathable, comfortable and easy to move in.

Versatile and suitable for the duration of your pregnancy and continues to aid you post childbirth.

Therefore, you can rest assured that our maternity sports leggings have it all covered for you. From the material, sizing, functionality, durability, cosiness and style we've come up with the perfect formula.

Maternity Sports Leggings Australian mums Rave About

Our maternity sports leggings were designed with mums in mind. We are a business whose foundations are built on femininity, family and wellbeing. These very cornerstones drive us to work hard to give new mothers all the love and care they so deserve. Belly Bandit aims to create clothing that will become a steadfast staple during your pregnancy. The idea that we can help to nurture you as you nurture your child.

Buy Belly Bandits Best Maternity Sports Leggings Today

We're approved and recommended by professionals, physicians and hospitals, fitness experts, doulas and other new mums.

Our leggings won't cost you an arm or a leg but we never compromise on quality and they are made to be a part of your entire pregnancy journey.

If you order two or more products, you'll receive free standard shipping.

Ultimately, we are a brand that celebrates not only motherhood but also, womanhood. Try our incredible collection of maternity sports leggings Australia's mums highly recommend and feel fabulous. Contact us anytime via social media or even fill out an enquiry form and we'll be sure to get back to you regarding any question or query you may have. It's time you treated yourself, so you can feel your best self throughout this wonderful and special adventure.

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