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There's nothing more lovely than carrying your own child. To have life blossoming inside you. You are the lifeblood for you baby and you give it all the love, care and nutrients it needs. You undergo the birth and nurse your little bundle.

Then comes aftercare and it's of the upmost importance that you recover. At Belly Bandit, that's our speciality, we endeavour to offer you gorgeous postnatal tights Australian mums say eases the healing process. Read More

Postnatal Tights Australian Mums Love

All of our products are designed and manufactured with new mums in mind. Our tights have tush, thigh and tummy tucking technology built in so that you can rock those legs, bums and tums work outs. They are also, unbelievably soft for maximum comfort.

The material is breathable, designed to keep any creams, lotions or balms locked into your skin to keep it healthy and glowing, eradicating itchy or tight pregnancy patches. To top it off they are machine washable and quick dry, so there's no cleaning hassle to worry about.

Protective Postnatal Tights

We've included features like built in belly panels which give way to non-restrictive motion and optimum support levels.

Our postnatal tights are there to protect your body, gently caress sore spots and strengthen target areas such as your waist. We all know the vitality of our health and self-esteem and everyone needs time to put their energies into feeling fantastic in their own skins.

Belly Bandit has created compression tights that are perfect to wear at the shops, gym, to chill at home or even team with cute pumps and casual jackets to catch up with other mums over coffee! Such a versatile item of clothing belongs in the drawers of every mum!

A Paradise of Postnatal Compression Tights

There are so many health, wellbeing and aesthetical benefits to our products. Our postnatal compression tights are ready and available for you right here in Australia. They are not only advocated by healthcare professionals and fitness gurus; they are also highly recommended by fellow mothers. It's time you took care of yourself and trusted others to help take care of you.

We have taken the time, energy and efforts to develop and nurture the concepts of our business and grow to into a flourishing supportive entity.

Check out our extensive YouTube channel where we model our products and display several appropriate and advice-giving videos. On there we have created a platform of community, a network of solidarity and shared stories.

We value our customers' opinions and strive for nothing below excellence when it comes to our service. We will always happily welcome your feedback about our postnatal tights Australia and love hearing from you.

For more information, fill out one of our enquiry forms as we're always on hand to assist you. Follow us on social media and create an account to start shopping today! You are so worth it and we wish you all the love, tenderness and care with all the amazing moments of motherhood.

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