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Being a new mother whether it be the first or fourth time is one big flurry of activity, preparation and activity. At certain points you feel dewy and invigorated by this new life but in other moments it can be overwhelming and tiresome. It can seem like you're losing your mind and body. You are after all, undergoing a major change.

Our job, is to get you ready for pregnancy, see you through the process and lead you into recovery. With our pregnancy compression garments we will help you to nip, tuck, smooth out and shape up. Read More

Perky Pregnancy Compression Garments by Belly Bandit

Our post pregnancy compression garments are gorgeous. As well as new mums being thrilled by the incredible results, healthcare professionals, doulas and fitness fanatics back our merchandise too!

We offer clothing for before, during and after pregnancy. Our post pregnancy compression garments are embedded with all kinds of wonderous technologies that aim to flatten and flatter your figure, whilst strengthening your body and contributing to you regaining your former shape.

Post Pregnancy Compression Garments To Help You Heal

Our compression line offers the key essentials. Snug leggings, chic tank tops, workout tanks, body form fitting belly wraps, compression socks and other supportive undergarments. The leggings come in classic black, and the other shades available for some of our other products are in soft tones for a neutral look to match with your clothes and also, to give you a timeless elegance.

In addition, the materials are of the finest quality with features that will accentuate your curves, aid nursing, reduce swelling and inflammation and minimise stretch marks.

For each of our items we have provided details of the level of support, strength of compression and a guide of when to wear them.

Our prenatal pieces get you ready whereas our amazing after pregnancy compression garments help to encourage your body to heal well.

After Pregnancy Compression Garments You Can Trust

You deserve to look and feel fantastic. To look in the mirror, realise what an extraordinary journey you've been through, welcoming life into the world and start as you mean to go on. Take on motherhood with grace, confidence and enthusiasm.

Nowadays, what we wear isn't just our outer shell, it reflects much more than that, it can make us feel comfortable, sexy, strong and empowered. Belly Bandit believes you should own what you wear. When you choose our merchandise, you are choosing to own it! By selecting our pregnancy compression garments you're saying that you want to feel truly good for the entire duration of your pregnancy and post-delivery.

We have your very best interests at heart when it comes to achieving your personal aims, hopes and desires for your body.

Don't wait any longer, invest in our exquisite products that will last you beyond your pregnancy experience. Check out our blogs and YouTube channel to see other yummy mummies enjoying our clothing and being impressed with the outstanding outcomes. You'll see that we build healthy messages and a wellness mentality into all our branding.

Bellybandit offers a range of products for expecting and new mums including:

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