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We want to tell you our personal story because it's one that we think you'll resonate with. One day in the supermarket, Lori, one of the three founding sisters of Belly Bandit, was reaching for an item on the top shelf when a gentleman kindly offered to get it for her.

All would have been fine if he had ended after, “Here, let me get that for you”... But the addition of, “After all, you are pregnant.” started Lori and her sisters on a mission in 2008. Tummy control leggings weren't on her mind after recently having her first child, but Lori was struggling to regain her pre-baby body.

Our mission is to help women feel sexy and confident as they work on getting back to the body that they had before pregnancy. We know it's not a short journey, but it starts with feeling good about yourself and we're here to help with that. Read More

Finally! Tummy Control Leggings with Style!

Is it just us, or do most tummy control leggings in Australia look pretty bland? Just because you had a baby doesn't mean you lost your sense of style! You might be trying to get back to your pre-baby body, but you don't want to compromise on how good you look while you work to get there. If anything, you need to feel better than ever if you're going to keep up that motivation!

Tummy Control Leggings Australia to the Rescue!

We have a fantastic range of tummy control leggings and products to go with them. Sometimes, leggings just aren't enough or you fancy wearing something different. That's why we highly recommend that you also invest in our soft, lightweight, tummy control panties to help you smooth your tummy and waist. With free delivery on two or more products, you'd be crazy not to!

Our signature tummy control leggings in Australia are the amazing Mother Tucker® Compression Leggings. These are an essential item for any new mamma who wants to regain their pre-baby body ASAP. Think of it as our alternative to surgery that will support and shape your tummy and thighs without squishing your tush!

With 360° of compression, you'll never worry about having a muffin top again. The tummy-flattening centre gives you an extra layer of compression where you need it most while still being seamless and breathable. Better still, these leggings are incredibly durable and hold their shape wash after wash.

Buy Tummy Control Leggings in Australia

If you're looking for legging with extra tummy control, we're confident we have the perfect product for you. With a range of styles and colours, you'll find a pair of leggings to match your wardrobe and help you feel confident as you go about your day.

We don't want you to go through the same experience as Lori, so browse the collection of tummy control leggings online today. You get free delivery when you order two or more products, so why not treat yourself to a pair or two? We promise you'll love the results.

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