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The waist, the epitome of femininity and womanliness. Our curves and unique body shapes are to be celebrated. As ought to be the power of our biology.

Having a baby is one of the greatest joys of life as is all that comes after. Belly Bandit is a company built on the principle that all mothers no matter their age, weight, body type deserve to be taken care of and to feel simply amazing. When you buy a waist trainer by Australian designers you know you will find the perfect fit for Austrlian women. Read More

Work Wonders with Our Waist Trainer here in Australia

Whether you want to get back to your pre baby body, forge a new fitness routine, soften and smooth your figure we have it all so that you can start training. When you buy waist trainer products from Australia you are saying yes to incredible new beginnings.

Buy the Best Waist Trainer in Australia for Aussie Women

We have a variety of methods that cinch you in and help to create all the shapes you want for your tush, thighs and tummy.

All our materials are:

Breathable, machine washable and quick drying

Keep moisture in to soothe sore and itchy pregnancy skin

Ultra- soft to provide comfort for C-section healing

We have a range of handy features too:

A sizing chart to help you choose the snuggest, most effective fit

A scale to demonstrate the support level

A display which shows the level of compression

A useful 'when-to-wear' guide

Buy a waist trainer by Australian designers and take on post pregnancy life with a spring in your step. Never worry about muffin tops, rolls or bulges as our waist trainers will take care of all of that. Feel in shape, fit into all your clothes and be insanely comfortable. What more could you want?!

Be One Hot Mama In The Best Waist Trainer For You

Amazing. Beautiful. Superwoman. You are all these things. Pamper yourself and allow yourself to truly heal. Know that your body is incredible; it will recover and by purchasing our waist trainer in Australia you will speed up this process.

We are a business based on sisterhood, sticking together, riding out the lows and revelling in the highs together. Our brand stands for all mothers out there and for them to feel their best.

After all, you're spending so much time and effort investing into your family. So, now you should invest in yourself. Belly Bandit is that right investment. When you choose our post-pregnancy waist trainer, you're opting to promote your health, wellbeing and positive attitude. Let that can-do mentality shine through and browse our stunning collections today.

We offer free standard shipping if you order two or more products and have an excellent return policy if you need a different size or product.

Belly Bandit offers a range of products for expecting and new mums including:

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