The Best Maternity Leggings in 2022

The Best Maternity Leggings in 2022

You’re pregnant? Big congratulations! Pregnancy is an exciting, tiring, emotional time but having the right clothing and staying active can go a long way to making it much more comfortable. Enter Belly Bandit maternity leggings. We’ve designed a range of high-quality maternity leggings that will see you through all three trimesters and beyond in comfort. 

Our maternity leggings are perfect for pregnancy; the stretchable fabric offers the right amount of support for your growing bump without feeling restrictive. Plus, we have a superb range to choose from including full length and Capri length versions. But if you’re struggling to choose just one pair, let’s a look at what the top 2 maternity leggings in 2022 offer for expectant and new mums.

Smooth Your Muffin Top with the Mother Tucker®

Perhaps our most famous leggings, the Mother Tucker® utilise our world-famous 360o compression technology to keep your postpartum tummy in check. Made from super-soft breathable fabric, they’re designed with an ultra-high waist to ensure you’re completely covered without feeling constricted or unable to breathe! Thanks to our patented Muffinology® technology these are the ideal leggings if you’re looking for gentle, post C-section compression and core support after the birth of your little one.

The Mother Tucker® Motos: Style without Compromise

What can we say about our Mother Tucker® Moto leggings that hasn’t already been said? Well, they have all the great features that you’d expect from Belly Bandit in a textured moto design. So you’re not only keeping your post-partum bod comfortable but you’re shaping your tummy and thighs while adding a lift to your tush! Could you ask for more? Well, yeah and we’ve provided it in the form of seamless and breathable knit fabric that holds its shape wash after wash and a smart tuxedo stripe down the side as an added style detail. You’re welcome!

As you can see, our leggings cover all eventualities and all bumps. So, there’s a pair or more for everyone. Plus, all our leggings are designed by mothers for mothers because, after all, mother knows best!

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