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Welcome to Belly Bandit where ingenuity and empathy are at the core of everything that we do. If it hadn't been for an ill-timed remark by a well-meaning gentleman, the three sisters, Lori, Jodi, and Kari never would have founded Belly Bandit in 2008. We guess some things really do happen for a reason!

With so many pregnancy and postpartum essentials in store, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them! From belly bands to pelvic support belts Australia has everything you need to look and feel your absolute best is right here.

From the moment that you learn you're expecting a child, you begin to nurture them… but who nurtures you? Let us go on this journey with you and support you every step of the way with products that are sure to help lighten the load. Read More

Pelvic Support Band for Pelvic Pain During and After Pregnancy

Pelvic support belts in Australia are for women who develop pelvic pain during their pregnancy. A collection of uncomfortable symptoms can arise which are caused by the stiffening of your pelvic joints or the joints moving unevenly.

While pelvic pain is not harmful to your baby, it can make it very uncomfortable and challenging for you to get around and go about your daily activities. You might feel pain over the pubic bone, in your lower back, and even spreading into your thighs. Some women can even hear clicking or grinding coming from their pelvic area.

Without a pelvic support belt postpartum can be more difficult, the pain can worsen when you're walking, going up and down the stairs, standing on one leg to get dressed, rolling over in bed and when you move your legs apart to get out of the car.

Pelvic pain might not completely go away until after your baby has been born so it's important to look after your pelvic muscles both during pregnancy and afterward. Plan your day to avoid activities that cause you the most pain and discomfort and seek advice about using a pelvic support belt.

Remain Active with Pelvic Support Belts Australia

It's important to remain as active as possible within your limits and a support belt for your pelvis could help to ease your pain and make day to day activities less strenuous and painful. In addition to a pelvic support belt, try wearing flat shoes, get help with chores from your partner, family, and friends, sit down when getting dressed, and get rest as and when you need it.

Get Your Pelvic Support Belt Australian Mums Recommend Today

Are you tired of searching for the best pelvic support belt in Australia and only finding ones that won't deliver the results that you need? Our expertly crafted belts for pelvic support will go above and beyond all of your expectations. Looking after your pelvic muscles is incredibly important, so check out the products we have online today!

Enjoy free delivery when you order two products or more and become a part of a thriving and empowering community of mammas who look and feel incredible with the help of our products!

Bellybandit offers a range of products for expecting and new mums including:

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