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Postpartum Underwear Australia

After giving birth you don't want uncomfortable under wiring, fiddly straps and flimsy bands. As you go about your daily activities in the new buzz of motherhood, you deserve to feel comfy and supported. Underwear is an essential garment and at Belly Bandit we truly believe that you should have the very best quality. Given that your body will change to accommodate this special new life, it's important that you are protected and then after the birth, postpartum underwear can really help to rejuvenate your body and kick in the healing process. Read More

Pert and Peachy Postpartum Underwear Australian Mums Love

Our stunning collection is made with a wealth of miraculous materials that lock in moisture, fight bacteria and odours, are breathable, eco-friendly, soft and light whilst also being incredibly supportive. There are no annoying clips, jabbing wires or awkward fastenings. Just imagine being able to wear underwear all day without feeling tight, sore or in discomfort. Imagine being out and around being able to easily breastfeed and nurse your baby without getting tangled and flustered.

Utterly Gorgeous Postpartum Underwear by Belly Bandit

There's more! Our postpartum underwear in Australia has no visible panty line and comes in angelic white, chic black and neutral nudes so it will go under your clothes perfectly.

The best thing about our underwear range is it is designed to tuck you in, push you up and smooth you out in all the right places. We have tuned into key areas such as your stomach, which is why we also provide corsets which hold you in, slimming your waist and back.

Postpartum Underwear by Australian Designers

Our postpartum underwear in Australia is recommended because we don't just want to sell maternity products. We go beyond that. We are empathetic, full of spirit and womanly wonder. Belly Bandit was created to aid fellow women on their journey of motherhood. Whatever your personal wishes are we want you to know that we're right by your side and believe that you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Your self-esteem, well being and health is our real interest and the heart, soul and core of everything we do.

You will be up to your eyeballs in baby accessories, toys, prams and cradles. So just remember you deserve that little something for yourself as well. You ought to feel like the stunning, magnificent mother you are. Underwear is such an intimate item and one which can make you feel comfortable, secure and confident. Belly Bandit can help you to feel this way.

It's time to treat yourself! If you like the look of any of our products be sure to make an account with us to start shopping or head to our social media pages to see our beautiful pieces in action. See how other mums just like you have really benefitted from our clothing. You can also watch our YouTube channel for more information, reviews, comments advice and product modelling. We just know you'll fall in love with what we have to offer.

Bellybandit offers a range of products for expecting and new mums including:

C Section recovery band · Belly band · Pregnancy support band

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