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At Belly Bandit, we know how difficult it can be to find clothes to wear during pregnancy. You want them to be stylish but also comfortable and functional, and of course, they need to fit comfortably and be able to accommodate your growing belly. We have a collection of pregnancy leggings that are perfect for wearing before, during and after pregnancy. Read More

Why Wear High-Waisted Pregnancy Leggings?

Exercising is important for our health, more so than ever during pregnancy. Keeping fit and staying active can help relieve many of the symptoms of pregnancy and even make labour easier. But it’s difficult to work out when none of the activewear fits you. That’s what our pregnancy leggings are for. They allow you to stay active with comfortable clothing and the right amount of support for your bump. Not only that, but they’re also perfect for at-home use. Lounging on the couch isn’t very comfortable in jeans, which is why a lot of women wear leggings regularly even outside of exercise. Our high-waisted maternity leggings make for excellent comfy loungewear too. 

Our Maternity Leggings Are Designed For Women Expecting

We have several options for maternity leggings at Belly Bandit. There are both full-length leggings and capris, and they all come in a stretchable fabric that lets you wear them throughout pregnancy and beyond. Some of our leggings have built-in belly panels that provide support for your baby bump, and all of our leggings can be rolled down and worn as low-waisted, giving a gentle lift for your bump. The fabric is breathable and soft for ultimate comfort. These leggings aren’t just for pregnancy, they can also be worn before and afterwards. Whether you’re heading off to the gym or spending time at home with your newborn, our leggings are an excellent way to dress comfortably and fashionably. The black, stylish design can be worn as trousers or underneath a nice dress. 

Why Choose Belly Bandit Pregnancy Leggings?

  • We’re a one-stop-shop for all things maternity and nursing, providing one of the widest collections of pre and postpartum clothing in Australia
  • All of our products are of the highest quality
  • We offer free shipping on every purchase of two products in one transaction
  • Our website makes it easy to choose the right products, with information about each piece of clothing including what amount of support is offered and whether it should be worn before, during or after pregnancy
  • We were founded by mothers, for mothers, which means we know just what you’re looking for

Belly Bandit Leggings Supporting You Through Your Maternity Journey

While you’re checking out our leggings, you might find something else that catches your interest too. Belly Bandit has everything your need to assist your pregnancy and aid your postpartum recovery such as:

Whether you’re nursing, pregnant or soon expecting to be, we have just the right things to make your life easier and your body more comfortable. From addressing pregnancy symptoms to making breastfeeding easy or helping you gain back your pre-pregnancy body; Belly Bandit is here for you. Place an order for your maternity leggins on our website, and enjoy the benefits from our extensive range. Read Less

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