7 Best Postpartum Girdles & Belly Wraps in 2022

7 Best Postpartum Girdles & Belly Wraps in 2022

Our Belly Bandit Belly Wraps are some of the best postpartum shapewear on the market - because they’re designed by mothers, for mothers. Constructed to help slim and support your belly, waist and hips, they’re inspired by hundreds-of-years-old binding modernised for mamas in the 21st century - making you look and feel fabulous whilst enjoying motherhood without restraints. Amongst our extensive range, these are our absolute favourites.

B.F.F Belly Wrap

Covered in ultra-soft viscose from bamboo, our B.F.F Belly Wrap offers targeted compression, slimming and support for the tummy, waist and hips. It boasts a curved shape with six support panels and two adjustable compression panels, easily making it one of the best post-baby corsets with up to 22.8cm of adjustment. Whilst strengthening core muscles, this wrap may also ease back pain, promote mobility, improve posture and offer support while exercising. Plus, it’s ideal for mothers with shorter waists.

Mother Tucker Corset

Previously featured in “Oprah's Favourite Things” issue of "O" Magazine, our Mother Tucker Corset features two layers of Belly Bandit's expert compression technology, delivering superior support, slimming and smoothing. It’s perfect for mums graduating from our Belly Wraps and has six hook-and-eye clasp rows for extra versatility. It also hides the pesky back bulge caused by lower quality corsets and is almost invisible under clothing.

The Belly Shield

Our patented Belly Shield is worn under your Belly Bandit Belly Wrap and is especially beneficial to new mums with c-section incisions. Made with soft, stretchy Wonderweave™, the lightweight fabric provides a protective layer that prevents rubbing and chafing and keeps skin lotions on your body and off your wrap. This means it helps soothe dry, itchy skin whilst being easy to clean; simply put it in the washing machine!

Luxe Belly Wrap

Combine a wrap with a corset, and you get our Luxe Belly Wrap - the tallest of its kind providing full belly coverage that won’t roll down. A decade of meticulous design created this luxurious wrap that boasts our wraps’ and corsets’ best features into one. It’s ultra-thin, lightweight, breathable and invisible under clothes, yet delivers our most powerful postpartum compression and support with its five levels of targeted compression. Thanks to body contouring panels for core and back support, dual closures for easy adjusting and an arched design for reduced back bulge, this is one of the best post-baby corsets available.

Viscose from Bamboo

Mothers in search of the best shapewear after pregnancy will love ourViscose Bamboo Wrap, which offers more than just slimming and support for the hips, waist and tummy; it’s also one of the most comfortable to wear whilst enhancing mobility and posture and relieving back pain. Made from silky-soft viscose from bamboo fibres, it affords sublime comfort that’s superb for mothers with c-section incisions. In addition, it’s adjustable up to 22.9cm, allowing you to size down gradually.

Organic Belly Wrap

This is one of our classic after birth girdles that started it all! With our Organic Belly Wrap, what you see is what you get: fuss-free support, slimming and compression. Featuring a blend of polyester and latex-free Spandex that provides 22.9cm of Velcro-closure adjustability, this easy-to-use wrap may help strengthen core muscles, offer support during exercise and help with abdominal separation (diastasis recti). Even better, it may also help alleviate back pain and enhance mobility and posture - the latter being helpful when breastfeeding.

Belly Bandit Original

The one and only Belly Bandit Original is our flagship wrap that launched our collection over 10 years ago. It applies tailored compression to areas that need it most, slimming and supporting the hips, waist and belly whilst strengthening core muscles and helping with abdominal separation (diastasis recti). Like many of our wraps, our original promotes mobility, better posture, and can help ease back pain while providing support during exercise. It’s also adjustable with convenient Velcro fastenings up to 22.8cm, allowing flexibility as you size down.

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