Five Reasons Why You Should Wear a Belly Band

Five Reasons Why You Should Wear a Belly Band

Life doesn’t stop whilst pregnant. Throughout pregnancy, women need to go about their daily lives with minimal disruption. Finding clothing and accessories to provide support, alleviate pain and maximise comfort is therefore essential. Many women find belly bands a helpful accessory during activity.

Using a belly band has numerous benefits including:

  • Giving support to the lower back and abdomen
  • Providing gentle compression
  • Encouraging good posture
  • Increasing comfort and coverage
  • Providing postpartum support

Let’s Discuss Belly Wrap Benefits In More Detail

Having a better understanding of the uses and benefits of a belly band is important. This knowledge helps to ensure that you get the most out of your band and use it to its fullest potential.

Supporting the lower back and abdomen

Especially throughout the second and third trimesters when the bump is growing larger, belly bands can provide great support. Pregnancy support bands help to relieve pressure, these bands decrease the stress on your lower back and abdomen during periods of physical activity.

Providing gentle compression

During physical activity, providing extra support to the bump is important. Using a belly band as a gentle compressor will reduce some of the discomfort that can occur during movement and provide support to the baby. Be sure to also check out the best range of maternity sports leggings in Australia.

Encouraging good posture

As the bump grows larger and heavier, your lower back muscles are forced to work harder to compensate for the weight in your belly. A belly band encourages correct posture by preventing overextension of your lower back. In other words, this helps to prevent the uncomfortable ‘leaned back’ appearance of pregnancy.

Increasing comfort and coverage

During the later stages of pregnancy, even low levels of activity such as walking can cause pain and discomfort, creating the need to sit down every 5 minutes. A belly band can decrease this discomfort, enabling you to go about your daily activities with less disruption. The extra layer of fabric also provides coverage and warmth to the bump for added comfort and protection.

Providing post-partum support

In the weeks following birth, core muscle strength is reduced as they are recovering from the strain of pregnancy. In this instance, wearing your belly band for extra support is beneficial as it helps to knit the muscles back together which reduces the risk of injury.

Whilst there are many advantages; the use of a belly band is not recommended with some health conditions, so it is important to seek the advice of a professional before wearing one.

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